Bengali New Year (Pôhela Boishakh) 14/04/2024

Pohela Bashak 1431 Celebration: Experience Tradition and Elegance at Hotel Star International, Rajshahi"

Step into a world of timeless tradition and vibrant festivity as Hotel Star International, Rajshahi, invites you to celebrate Pohela Bashak 1431 in grand style. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Bangladesh as we mark the beginning of the Bengali New Year with unparalleled elegance and charm.

Located in the heart of Rajshahi, Hotel Star International sets the perfect stage for this auspicious occasion. Our luxurious accommodations, renowned for their comfort and sophistication, provide the ideal sanctuary amidst the bustling festivities.

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other as our esteemed chefs curate a lavish spread of traditional Bengali delicacies, meticulously prepared to tantalize your taste buds and evoke the spirit of celebration. From mouthwatering pithas to aromatic biryanis, every dish is a testament to the culinary heritage of Bengal.

Throughout the event, immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of live music and traditional performances, adding an extra layer of joy and excitement to the festivities. Whether you're partaking in the spirited dance of the Pohela Boishakh parade or simply enjoying the company of loved ones in our opulent banquet halls, every moment promises to be unforgettable.

Join us at Hotel Star International, Rajshahi, as we usher in Pohela Bashak 1431 with warmth, hospitality, and a touch of magnificence. Let us come together to embrace the traditions of our ancestors and embark on a journey filled with joy, prosperity, and endless possibilities.


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